Cheap Romantic Evening Ideas

Written by kate bradley | 13/05/2017
Cheap Romantic Evening Ideas
Affordable romantic dates are possible with a little imagination. (beautiful date image by Kurhan from

Everyone enjoys a romantic evening out with someone special, but the costs for dinner, drinks or a movie can really add up. However, it's possible and even easy to have a romantic evening out without breaking the bank. Use a little imagination and creativity when planning dates to start having cheap but romantic evenings out.


Cheap Romantic Evening Ideas
A picnic is a fun and romantic date idea. (Picnic image by carroll2199 from

Instead of paying for a pricey dinner at a fancy restaurant, buy your own supplies and have an early-evening picnic in a local park -- or even on the floor in your home. Get food and a bottle of wine from a supermarket deli, grab a blanket or sheet, some cups and napkins, and you're ready to go. For dessert, consider strawberries and store-brand chocolate syrup. Take along a small radio for music. Plan to go on the night of a full moon to make the evening even more romantic.


Cheap Romantic Evening Ideas
You don't have to go to an expensive theatre for a romantic experience. (Theatre image by Yuriy Rozanov from

Tickets for professional theatre are often cost-prohibitive. Check out local high schools and theatre troupes for dramatically reduced costs of plays and musicals. Dress up for the occasion, and try to find a romantic play, such as "Romeo and Juliet". Afterward, take a walk through your town's historic district or downtown and have ice cream or split an appetizer at a small, chic restaurant. Spend the rest of the evening chatting about whatever the experience brings to mind -- high school memories, thoughts on true love or just how delicious the ice cream is.

Classic Movies

Cheap Romantic Evening Ideas
Rent some classic movies and settle in for an inexpensive romantic evening. (movie clapboard image by NataV from

Movie rental stores don't often have many older movies, so go to the local library and rent a few romantic classics -- "Casablanca" and "An Affair to Remember" are two choices. Buy some gourmet popcorn and a bottle of wine, and go back in time together. After the movies are finished, take a walk around your neighbourhood and watch the stars. The quiet, the street lights and being with your special someone will be a fitting finale to your evening together.

Local Talent

Cheap Romantic Evening Ideas
Enjoy an evening of local musical talent and cheap drinks. (musician image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

Use your city's community calendar or online resources to find live local acts. Fledgling talent is usually dirt-cheap, if not free, and to draw crowds there are often drink specials. Try to find a jazz act, a poetry reading or even stand-up comedy -- laughs are an excellent precursor to romance. Get there early enough to get a good table. During musical acts, write each other romantic notes on napkins; things you like about him or her, thoughts on the performer's talent, or just silly drawings of the two of you. Without saying a word, you'll ramp up the romance significantly.

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