Fonts that look like stone carvings

Updated February 21, 2017

Fonts that look like stone carvings are ideal for themed events. There are many computer typefaces that are made to evoke lettering used in prehistoric or ancient civilisations. Some are rugged, and others look finely chiselled.


The runestone font is a font based on ancient runic alphabets but also resembles Greek and Phoenician lettering. Runestone letters are made of straight lines and angles, just like letters ruggedly chiselled into stone. Unlike most chiselled styles, this font includes both lower case and capital letters.

Caesar Brute BTN Chiseled

Caesar Brute BTN Chiseled, true to its name, evokes ancient Greek lettering. The font has a modern twist, since the letters are outlined boldly to the point of being cartoonish.

Chiselled Initials

Chiselled Initials is a set of large capital letters, shaded and outlined in such a way that they look three-dimensional. Chiselled Initials come in two-character sets: one set is "protruding," as the initials look like their background has been chiselled away. The second set is "recessed" -- the initials themselves appear to be carved into stone.


The Chevalier font family has a more streamlined style than others. Letters look engraved into stone rather than roughly chiselled. Chevalier fonts come in a variety of styles; some are plain black and white, while others have horizontal lines running inside the letters, similar to what you see on dollar bill lettering.

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