1981 Yamaha 125 Specifications

Written by erik devaney
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1981 Yamaha 125 Specifications
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In 1981, Japan-based Yamaha Motor Company released three motorcycles in the "125" class. These were the RD 125, the DT 125 and the YZ 125. All three motorcycle models have sporty designs and engine displacements of 125 cubic centimetres (cc). However, each 1981 Yamaha 125 also has its own set of specifications.

1981 Yamaha RD 125

The 1981 Yamaha RD 125 has a single-cylinder engine, which means the engine has one piston chamber and one corresponding piston that fires in and out of that cylinder. With a displacement of 125cc, or approximately 7.6 cubic inches, the engine's piston takes up 125 ccs of space after completing a cycle. In addition, the 1981 RD 125's engine is a two-stroke, which means a single cycle requires two movements of the engine's piston. According to MSC Motorcycle Specifications, the RD 125's maximum power output is 20 horsepower at 9,500 revolutions per minute. The RD 125 can generate a maximum torque of 10.8ft.-lbs. at 9,250 RPM. Torque refers to the amount of twisting or rotational force that an engine's crankshaft produces. The 97.1kg. 1981 Yamaha RD 125 can reach a top speed of 81 miles per hour and has a fuel consumption of 64 miles per gallon. The bore and stroke of the motorcycle are 2.20 by 1.99 inches, and the motorcycle's compression ratio is 6.8:1.

1981 Yamaha DT 125

Like its RD 125 counterpart, the 1981 Yamaha DT 125 has a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, with a displacement of 125cc. However, instead of using a liquid-cooled system to prevent the engine from overheating, like the RD 125, the DT 125 uses an air-cooled system. MSC Motorcycle Specifications notes that the 1981 DT 125 has a maximum power output of 14 horsepower at 7,500 RPM and a maximum torque of 10.1ft.-lbs. at 7,000 RPM. The 98.9kg.-1981 Yamaha DT 125 achieves a top speed of 74 MPH and gets 79 miles per gallon. The bore and stroke of the motorcycle are 2.20 by 1.97 inches, and the motorcycle's compression ratio is 9.2:1.

1981 Yamaha YZ 125

Yamaha produced the 1981 YZ 125 specifically for motocross racing. Unlike the RD and DT 125s, the YZ 125 has no electronics, which means no headlights and no key-turn ignition. Instead, you start the motorcycle with a ripcord, like on a lawnmower. According to WorldLingo.com, the 1981 Yamaha YZ 125 has a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, which uses a liquid-cooled system. The motorcycle, which weighs less than 90.7kg., can generate 35 horsepower and 19ft.-lbs. of torque, allowing it to reach a top speed of 71 MPH. The YZ 125 has a gear ratio of 3.83, and a bore and stroke of 2.20 by 1.97 inches.

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