Baby Baptism Gifts From Grandparents

Updated February 21, 2017

A baby's baptism is an important time in the lives of Christian families because it represents the first step of the baby's spiritual life. The baptismal ceremony is typically followed by a reception where family and friends offer gifts and well wishes for the baby. Grandparents can give their grandchild a gift that celebrates this special time either before or after the baptismal ceremony.

Baptismal Clothing

Baptismal clothing is generally worn by babies during the ceremony. A baby girl wears a long white gown and a baby boy typically wears a suit. Grandparents can offer to purchase the baptismal clothing before the ceremony to save parents time and money. The clothing may be preserved for the baby after the ceremony as a keepsake. A baptism towel or bonnet may also be given with the clothing.


For a baby, a Bible is a symbolic gift. Although a baby cannot read, a Bible can be used by the parents to teach the baby about his religion while he is young, then given to him once he is older and can read on his own. A good idea is to give a children's Bible with pictures that the baby will be able to use sooner.


Religious or personalised jewellery may be an appropriate gift for grandparents to give. Some options include rosaries, cross stud earrings or a gold bracelet. The bracelet can be engraved with the date of the baptismal ceremony, a scripture or a special message. Cross stud earrings can be worn by a baby girl who has pierced ears or saved for later use.


Clothing that may be worn after the baptismal ceremony is also an option. Some options include bibs, blankets, socks, T-shirts, hooded towel and soft shoes. These items can be personalised with religious sentiments, the baby's name or the date of the baptism. Another option is to give a simple layette boxed set with various items of clothing that the baby can wear at any time.

Gift Basket

Purchase a baptism gift basket or make your own to give as a gift. Include items that the baby can use now, as well as items that can be treasured later. Some items you may put in a custom gift basket include a prayer book, stuffed angel bear, baptismal cross, children's corded rosary, framed picture from ceremony and a baby blanket.


Baptism keepsakes are items parents can put in the baby's nursery to remind them of the ceremony. Many may be personalised in any way you choose. Some ideas include a baby figurine, guardian angel ornament, shadow box, framed picture, wooden cross, wall hangings, night light or a music box. You can also give a scrapbook or photo album filled with memories of the baptismal ceremony for the baby to cherish later.

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