Water Resistant Artificial Flowers

Written by valerie david | 13/05/2017
Water Resistant Artificial Flowers
Use water-resistant artificial flowers in humid spaces. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Realistic artificial flowers are an appealing and low-maintenance way to add colour and interest to your home. Whether in vases, flower pots or decorative bowls, use these floral arrangements anywhere you would display fresh flowers or live plants. For the most versatility and durability, shop for water-resistant varieties of artificial flowers.

Floating Silk Flowers

Manufacturers typically make silk flowers from a polyester blend rather than actual silk. These synthetic fabrics are water resistant, making them perfect for floating-flower centrepieces. Look for stemless, flat silk flowers such as pansies or gerbera daisies, or use fuller floral shapes perched on silk or plastic lily pads. Good Housekeeping recommends water-resistant floating flower designs for decorating bathrooms, where water spray and excess humidity can wilt and fade more delicate artificial flowers.

Plastic Floral Bunches

For water and weather resistance, buy plastic flowers with plastic leaves. Select flowers with bendable stems coated in plastic for durability and ease of arranging. Place ready-made bunches of plastic flowers in pots on the front porch to mimic freshly planted annuals or to create a colourful centrepiece for the patio table. Use waterproof flowers in a vase by themselves or as a sturdy and attractive filler for a sparse bouquet of live flowers.

Polyurethane Artificial Flowers

Some of the most realistic artificial flowers are made from polyurethane, a synthetic material that has a denser, more rubbery feel than traditional plastic flowers. Purchase single-stem polyurethane flowers like calla lilies and orchids. Submerge one or more of these waterproof flowers completely in a vase full of water for a striking modern floral centrepiece. Polyurethane flowers also resist fading, so you can display them outdoors in both rainy and sunny conditions.

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