Anti-vibration washing machines

Updated February 21, 2017

Many washing machine owners purchase energy-efficient washing machines to reduce their carbon footprint. However, many washing machines are energy efficient yet tend to vibrate when in full operation. The best way to get rid of the vibration sound of the washing machine is to buy a washing machine that has a dampening system and has vibration pads or to buy vibration pads and install them on the washing machine.

Dampening System

Dampening systems use shock absorbers built within the washing machine to reduce the vibrations. The shock absorbers are placed around the washing machine drum. They can use springs or hydraulic fluid pistons. The dampening system in many washing machines can reduce some of the vibrations. However, many vibrations will still travel through the dampener. High frequency machines create consistent vibrations that can cause damage to the home, so these washing machines need pads the most. However, even washing machines with good dampening systems will eventually wear out, requiring homeowners to use vibration pads.

Vibration Pads

Vibration pads are acoustic foam and rubber pads placed underneath washing machines to reduce vibrations. These pads are placed underneath all four corners of the washing machine. Manufacturers make vibration pads oftentimes out of elastomeric rubbers, which can resist long-term wear and tear, compression and corrosive liquids. To reduce waste, some manufacturers make washing machine vibration pads out of recycled tires. These pads not only eliminate sound but also prevent flooring damage. These pads can absorb 22.7 Kilogram per square inch, according to Sound Proofing. Those who want to increase the isolation and capacity of the pads can stack them. Some washing machines create consistent vibrations that can cause damage to the home, so these washing machines need pads the most.

Silent Feet Pads

One kind of pad is the silent feet pads, which easily install on the washing machine. Washing machines with these feet do not move around as much when operating. Anti-walk silent feet pads further reduce how much the washing machine moves around, but to install them, the homeowner must have access to the back of the washing machine.

Sound Barriers

Other methods can reduce the washing machine vibration. Vibrating washing machines placed on the second floor tend to create noise in the area below, so homeowners should ideally place their washing machines on lower levels such as the basement. Placing a sound barrier floor mat can block the vibrations that come out of the washing machine and become airborne. Airborne vibrations travel through the air and normally are not a problem unless the washing machine vibrations are severe. Manufacturers sometimes make these mats out of metal slabs mounted on springs. The mounted springs absorb the vibrations, eliminating many of them.

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