Creative Labs Ct7260 Specs

Updated July 20, 2017

Creative Labs is a subsidiary of Creative Worldwide, manufacturer of personal computer and Internet digital entertainment products. Sound Blaster, launched in 1989, was a PC audio card that made Creative Worldwide technology a household name in digital entertainment. Creative Labs Ct 7260 is an internal video graphics card designed for a PC platform.


The connectors for the card include one line out, which can be used for a headphone jack and one TV out S-video connector. Other connectors include one SVGA out 15-pin plug, one VGA-in and an SPDIF-out RCA jack. SPDIF transfers digital audio signals to separate devices without the need to convert to an analogue signal. The process of converting to analogue affects the quality of the digital signal. One D-Sub connector is also included.


The Ct 7260 card is equipped with a Visual Basic for Applications chipset. A chipset is a group of computer chips that provides the buses and electronics that allow the CPU, memory, and input and output to work together.


The 20.13 megabyte driver for the card is developed by Creative Labs. Operating systems for the version 3.17.8 driver include Windows XP, Windows NT SP2 and Windows 2000.

Dxr3 DVD Decoder

Creative Lab also manufactures a Ct7260 model of a dynamic extended resolution DVD decoder card. Dxr3 technology enhances the picture quality of full-screen video images. Decoder cards were originally designed to view DVDs on slow personal computers. The Dxr3 has also been used to build homemade, low-cost videodisc recorders. The decoders are also sold in CT models 7230, 7240 and 7250.

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