Gift Ideas for an 80-Year-Old Man

Updated December 12, 2017

At 80 years old, a man has seen a lot of birthdays and done a lot of things, so finding a birthday gift may seem challenging. However, it is very simple, because at 80, most people have learnt to enjoy the simpler things in life and not value the material. You can do anything from throwing a surprise party to taking him to a sporting event.


As people get older, life gets busier--so you many find yourself spending less time with your loved one. At 80, it is harder for him to come see you. As a gift, you can take time out of your schedule and spend the day with him. Take him to lunch, to the movies, or any of his favourite places. This will not only make him very happy, but you may learn things about him that you never knew before.


Make him his favourite meal. There is nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, so you taking the time to do this will mean a lot to him. Bring your family and invite his to make a party where he is surrounded by loved ones. Also, if he has a favourite food that is from another area, make that for him. For example, if he lives in North Dakota but loves authentic Mexican food, do your very best to make his favourites.

Elderly Care Products

As people get older, they may not be able to see or move like they used to. You can get him gifts that help him. For example, if he has a hard time seeing the numbers on the TV remote, get him one that has bigger buttons. Or get him a magnifying lens (or large print books) so he can read. If he is immobile--and you have it in your budget--get him a motorised wheelchair so he can still move around.


If he likes sports and is still healthy enough to go to games, get him tickets to go see one of his favourite teams play. This is something fun you can do together that he will love. You can get a package that includes hot dogs, sodas, and other food items as well. These packages vary depending on the event, so check with your specific venue. Get him the best, closest seats you can afford.

Surprise Party

Throw him a surprise party with all of his closest friends and family. He will love the opportunity to spend time with all of them. See if you can get his friends that live far away to come to the party.


Take him on a trip. If he is still in good enough health to travel, take him somewhere he has never been or has always wanted to go. Make sure it is a place that does not require much walking, unless he is up for it. You can even surprise him and just tell him to pack certain clothes for the weather and to plan on being gone for a certain amount of time.

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