Most Comfortable Shoes for City Walking

Walking has just as many health benefits as running. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, decrease your risk of or manage type 2 diabetes, and improve your mood. Of course, you need comfortable walking shoes to reap such benefits. The CDC reports that "shoes are the most important part of your walking gear." Fortunately, there's no shortage of good walking shoes, just check your local shoe store.

Reebok EasyTone

Reebok's website explains that the Reebok company created the EasyTone shoe "specifically for walking and everyday activities." Reebok designed the sneakers to help you get the most out of a low-impact exercise like walking. The EasyTone shoe helps tighten and tone leg muscles. Specific areas of the leg affected by wearing Reebok EasyTones include the glutes, hamstrings and calves. Walk around the city or around the park -- either way the EasyTones by Reebok intend to provide comfort and a good workout.

True Balance

True Balance is a sneaker by New Balance. The New Balance website describes the shoe as lightweight, fashion forward, and made of Acteva ultra lite midsole cushioning. The New Balance company created the True Balance sneaker to tone muscles and help burn calories while you walk. The company assures comfort from the True Balance shoe. New Balance's website states that, "whether you lace them up because they look great or for the health benefit, you're in for a comfortable ride."

Nike Air

The Nike Air Vitality sneaker "features the best in comfort and durability" for active women and men, explains the Nike website. "Breathable mesh and supportive interior, mid-foot lockdown for stable fit, and slip-resistant solid rubber outer soles," make-up the beginning of an impressive list of specification for the Nike Air Vitality shoe.

Reebok Lifewalk

According to Reebok's website, after 15 years on the market, the Lifewalk DMX Max sneaker remains the only walking-specific shoe technology. Reebok explains that the shoe, which offers "cloudlike comfort," is made of a special engineered system that pushes air from heel to toe during a walk. Highlighted specifications for the Lifewalk DMX Max shoe include added upper leather and mesh for comfort, support and durability. Special cushioning and "forefoot flex grooves for increased flexibility" make the Lifewalk DMX MAX sneaker a comfortable walking shoe.

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