The best friends weekend ideas

When planning a best friends weekend, the first step is to decide what you want to do. Choose an activity that everyone will enjoy, find out when they can get away and then research the best places to go to pursue that activity when everyone can make it. A best friends weekend can be thrilling or relaxing. Either way, choose something that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Adventure Weekend

Best friends of both genders will enjoy a weekend adventure of camping, kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing or paint balling. There's nothing like sweat and fear to strengthen the bond with your BFFs. Cheer each other on while you push your boundaries. You'll have great stories to tell later, and lots of memories from this amazing weekend.

Relaxation Weekend

Get away from the grind with your best friends to a quaint cabin in the woods or on a lake, or get away for a spa weekend at a swanky hotel. Hang out in hammocks and shoot the breeze. Catch up on what you've missed in each other's busy lives or just enjoy the peace and quiet of a best friend who doesn't feel the need to fill every waking moment with mindless chatter. Eat your favourite foods, try some new beers and wines and just forget about home and responsibilities for the weekend in the company of your best friends.

Sports Weekend

Head out of town for a big game and make a weekend of it. One of the best parts of attending an out of town game is running into fellow fans on the plane ride there and back. Your circle of friends will likely grow as the weekend progresses. Book a hotel room, go to the game, then hit all the best local night spots afterward with friends both new and old. Party all night with no curfew and crash in your hotel room in the wee hours of the morning. Or, bring the party back to the room after bar close. Either way, you can wake up to a relaxed room service breakfast before heading home.

Concert Weekend

Get your best friends together for a trip out of town to see your all-time favourite musical act live on stage. Or, attend a weekend long music festival to catch all of your favourite headliners in one place. For example, Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisc., is an 11-day music festival which offers over 800 bands, so there's something for everyone. Book a hotel room and party like rock stars all weekend long.

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