Vonage compatible phones

Updated April 17, 2017

Vonage relies on the Internet to connect calls. Customers can set up multiple phones under one line of service. In order to use the service in a home, a cordless phone system is needed. The base station of the cordless phone plugs directly into the adaptor from Vonage.

Vtech LS6245

Vtech cordless phones are compatible with Vonage services. The LS6245 model features an expandable cordless phone system with Bluetooth wireless technology. Users of this cordless phone can protect themselves from identity theft since there is digital security equipped on the phone. Calls are also encrypted and free of interference. Other household members can have access to another handset because the Vtech LS6245 is expandable for up to 12 handsets.

Uniden WXI3077

The Dect 6.0 WXI3077 cordless phone from Unidex is compatible with Vonage services. Users can make calls safely near water since the WXI3077 model is waterproof. Household members can use the handsets in different locations of the home because six handsets can be registered to one base. The phone is also impact- and dust-resistant. Personal ringers are also available on the Dect 6.0 WXI3077.

Panasonic KX-TG654B

The KX-TG654B cordless phone from Panasonic has Dect Plus technology and is designed to work well with Vonage. An all-digital answering system is featured on the KX-TG654B model. Users can multitask while using the phone since there is a rubberised grip on the outside of the phone. This phone is ideal for a kitchen area of a home because it can be easily mounted to a wall.

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