The Best Rated Glycolic Home Peel Kits for Wrinkles

Updated April 17, 2017

You can go to a dermatologist or a day spa for a professional glycolic facial skin peel or you can choose to use a home peel kit to remove surface wrinkles. The first option can be more expensive and result in stronger glycolic chemical use. But a home glycolic peel kit can produce good results. Boot No 7 Advanced Renewal, L'Oreal Renoviste Anti-Ageing and Kate Sommerville Micro Polisher are three home peel kits recommended.

Boot No 7 Advanced Renewal

ABC News reported that the October, 2010, issue of "Good Housekeeping" featured anti-ageing beauty product award winners that included one for the best at-home peel kit. "Good Housekeeping" tested Boot No 7 Advanced Renewal peel kit in their lab and on consumers for four weeks. Consumer and lab testing showed that wrinkle creases were reduced, skin tone was evened and the feel of skin, altogether, was smoother.

Use this glycolic acid product twice a week for a maximum total of five minutes each time. Follow immediately with the neutralising pads provided, which will soothe your treated skin and halt the effect of the acid used. Cost for the product is approximately £16.

L'Oreal Renoviste Anti-Ageing

L'Oreal's Renoviste Anti-Ageing Glycolic Peel Kit was given a rating of 10 out of a total of 10 points, according to the "Coventry Evening Telegraph" newspaper, as reported on The Free Library website. L'Oreal's peel kit will last over a four-week period when facial application is made according to the kit's packaging recommendations.

Ten-minute treatment time, once per week, is required and recommended for best results. Three of the four items needed to complete a successful anti-ageing treatment are provided in the kit: glycolic acid concentrate, acid neutraliser and an after treatment moisturiser. However, you will need to purchase the wool pad used for the application process. Cost is approximately £12.30.

Kate Somerville Mircro Glycolic Polisher

One of the strongest glycolic acid products you can use at home to reduce wrinkles is featured in "Self Magazine." Kate Somerville Micro Glycolic Polisher, which combines glycolic and lactic acids, gives consumers an effective product with the least irritation possible. The price is expensive at approximately £58 a container, however, but this is one of the more high-end glycolic home peel kits for wrinkle and ageing treatment.

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