Charities That Help With Bills

Get help with bills from local and national charities specialising in financial aid. Utility or medical bills grow into insurmountable obstacles during a financial hardship. Organizations are available which specialise in helping families pay utilities, mortgage payments, car repairs and even veterinarian bills. Certain professional practices provide free services to low-income families. National, state and local charities that help with bills set guidelines each applicant must follow to gain assistance. The services vary by organisation and are a phone call away.


Charities that help with utility bills include local Salvation Army and Catholic Charities offices. Catholic Charities offices also goes by the name of Catholic Community League in some cities. The Salvation Army may refer you to other local charities that help with utility bills. Your local United Way and Department of Human Services can also provide you with a list of organisations that assist with things like heating and electric.


Charities that help with housing bills include the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This faith-based organisation provides assistance for rent and mortgage payments. In some areas, the society offers low-cost housing and shelter for the homeless. A federal program--which is issued through local Department of Human Resources--offers assistance in the form of a grant called the PRC grant, or Prevention, Retention, Contingency Program. The PRC program has a limit of funds per a 12 month period, and certain guidelines must be met to qualify.


The United Way has a hotline in most areas you can access by dialling 2-1-1. Local agencies and charities register with the United Way to offer assistance for medical bills and other necessities. Free health care is provided to families in need through your local Jobs and Family Services program. Some area hospitals offer a forgiveness program that eliminates or reduces medical bills for indigent patients.

Car Repair

Ways to Work provides small, low-interest loans to families for car repairs, uniforms and tools needed to maintain employment. The Website lists the local offices available for this service. Eligible applicants must have a job or be in school and have children. The organisation requires the applicants have sufficient income to pay back the loan.


For low-income families with pets, there are charities that help with veterinarian bills for sick and injured animals. The Animal American Hospital Association provides a list of local veterinarians that are registered with their organisation. The AAHA pays up to £325 per year for the treatment of a pet. A maximum of £455 is available to qualified families.

Other Expenses

Modest Needs is an Internet-based charity which provides assistance to individuals and non-profit organisations through private donations. The application process is done online, and contributions are made by private donations. The donors are presented with a list of anonymous applicants and the needs. The donor is able to choose which applicant he would like to help.

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