Birthday Gifts for Mom From Son

Updated November 21, 2016

When shopping for his mother's birthday gift, a son wants to choose something extra special. Mom holds a special place in a son's heart and the right gift lets her know how much he loves and cherishes her. The choice of gift will vary based on the age of the mother and son and the mother's interests, but no matter what the gift, the time and care the son takes on selecting it make it meaningful.

From a Very Young Son

New babies and small children don't have the skill or disposable income to get a gift for Mom on their own, but choosing a gift for her on their behalf is always appreciated. For the first birthday after the birth of her son, a gift of a picture of the two of them, or an engraved necklace or charm, makes a nice keepsake honouring her first birthday as his mom. Smaller children can make their own art projects -- handprint pictures, or a hand-beaded necklace -- or help Dad make Mom breakfast in bed.

From a Teenage Son

As sons grow older, they get more involved in their own social lives, from school to sports to other extracurriculars, and Mom is sometimes relegated to the role of chauffeur. Mothers of teenage boys often want nothing more than a little time with them. The gift of a dinner out or an afternoon where the son shares more with her than just "Hey, Mom" and "What's for dinner?" goes a long way towards making her feel valued and appreciated.

From a Grown Son

Once a son has moved out of the house and possibly out of town, a visit or telephone call may be all the gift a mother really wants. But a grown son may choose to get a more tangible gift. While jewellery, spa treatments and flowers are all traditional, a gift that reminds Mom of a special memory may have more meaning. For the mom who took her son to countless Little League games, tickets to attend a professional baseball game with her son let her know her time was valued. The mom who always had the best dinners on the table may love a new cookbook. For sons who just left the house, the mom who helped her son with his college applications and took him on all the campus tours would love a sweatshirt from her son's new school.

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