The best female superhero costumes

Written by christi aldridge
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The best female superhero costumes
Girls can make the best superheroes. (Plush Studios/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Don't leave the superhero costumes solely up to men and boys. There are plenty of awesome superhero options for women. Some of the coolest superheroes happen to actually be women. Get empowered and select a superhero costume for Halloween or any type of costume party, and you'll definitely be a hit. Purchase a costume or get creative and put one together yourself if you like.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the classic embodiment of a female superhero. People of all ages know who she is, and some of us grew up watching the classic television version of the famed heroine. Wonder Woman gets ready for action by donning blue shorts with stars on them, a red bustier-type top and red boots. She wears a gold headband and straps on a utility belt. Don't forget her magical wrist cuffs to complete the look. A talented seamstress could make a cool Wonder Woman outfit, but you may just want to purchase this one. It can be found in different versions depending on age of the wearer and modesty quotient.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is a bit of a nontraditional superhero, but she is a superhero nonetheless. Based on the cult hit movie and spin-off TV series, Buffy goes head to head with vampires and monsters on a daily basis. In the movie version, Buffy is a cheerleader, so don a cheerleader outfit and carry a wooden stake, garlic and holy water. In the TV version, Buffy is a pretty blond who dresses trendy and carries heavy weaponry. Wear some tight jeans and a cute top and carry a crossbow or hatchet along with the requisite stake. Or, pull from one particular episode and copy her outfit from the show if you desire that, such as the Halloween episode when she dresses like a Victorian lady.

The Bride

Quentin Tarantino's action film, "Kill Bill," featured a female character simply called "The Bride." The Bride was a tough woman who fought her way through life seeking vengeance. For The Bride's outfit, simply wear a wedding dress and stain it with some fake blood. Carry some weapons; memorise lines from the movie and deliver them all evening so people will know who you are. Watch the movie to copy mannerisms from the character. She's not a classic superhero, but she's a strong female who carries this action movie as well as a sequel. She's an empowering woman to dress up as.


Catwoman is one of Batman's arch nemeses in the old Batman comics. She's also been played in several movie versions of the comic book series. There are several variations on the Catwoman look, but mostly she wears a black one-piece jumpsuit with a mask that covers her head and allows her to see out through holes. The mask has cat ears on top, and the jumpsuit has a tail. This costume could easily be made by wearing a leotard or unitard and black tights along with black shoes or slippers. The mask may have to be purchased or could be made by a creative person by sewing cat ears on a black ski mask. Practice Catwoman's signature purr and voice and maybe some fun lines from one of the current movie versions.

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