Gift ideas for a lady's 80th birthday

Written by sarah schreiber | 13/05/2017
Gift ideas for a lady's 80th birthday
Turning 80 deserves a special gift. (Vicky Kasala Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Reaching the age of 80 is a milestone in the life of a woman. A special 80-year-old lady in your life deserves a birthday gift that honours and celebrates this achievement. With the right considerations, it’s possible to find something that will mean a great deal to the birthday honoree.


It’s possible that the new 80-year-old has devoted years of her life to a cause or charity. Honour her birthday by making a donation in her name to the charity she supports. Offer to spend the day with her volunteering at the location. If she’s physically unable, volunteer on your own and document the experience with pictures and stories.

Homemade Gift

Use the talents you have to make something. Paint her a picture of a place she enjoys, cook her an elaborate meal to bring to her home, or write a series of poems. Relate the homemade gift to the year of her birth, such as painting a scene from the era. A homemade gift is also an option for grandchildren or great-grandchildren who are young and want to share something special with grandma.

Special Day

Not all 80-year-olds are able to get around easily. She may be housebound or only get out once or twice a month due to mobility issues. Make arrangements to take her to the local symphony, visit a museum or simply walk or wheel her through a local park on a beautiful day.

Objects from Childhood

For someone who is 80, toys, games or even certain food items may seem like relics of time gone by. Find an antique item that may remind her of youth, whether it's a household item she's talked about while telling stories of the past or a doll similar to one she owned as a child. Sodas and candies that are no longer common can sometimes be found in speciality shops.

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