How to Glue PVC Pipe With Super Glue

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Reasons for gluing PVC pipe range from minor home repair to creating a craft project. The powerful adhesive known as super glue bonds plastic together in a matter of seconds. There are several companies that make a form of super glue. Using super glue on PVC pipe is a simple task.

Clean the area of the pipe where the glue will go. In order for super glue to work, the surfaces need to be free of grease and dirt.

Apply the glue by pushing on the tube until the proper amount comes out. Super glue comes in small tubes with an applicator tip. Use approximately one drop per square inch of pipe.

Push the item that you're attaching to the PVC pipe onto the glue and hold for 15 to 30 seconds. In this short time the items bond together.

Avoid handling the pipe for 24 hours so the glue can completely cure.

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