How to remove wind deflectors

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Wind deflectors reduce the amount of noise and air entering the cabin of your vehicle. They can be difficult to remove because of the highly adhesive double-sided tape underneath them that will rip away the paint on your vehicle if you are not careful. Luckily, there are several household items you can use to help you safely remove a deflector.

Remove all the screws that secure the wind deflector into place.

Set the hair dryer on high and point it directly underneath the wind deflector.

Wiggle the deflector while pulling up to see if the adhesive has given away. Continue doing this until the deflector pulls off.

Pour rubbing alcohol on a clean towel and rub it on the remaining adhesive. Continue rubbing in a circular motion and apply more heat to the adhesive to keep it in a soft physical state.

Wipe away any leftover rubbing alcohol with a clean towel.

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