Gift Ideas for the Christening of an Older Child

Updated February 21, 2017

When one thinks "christening" they usually imagine a baby over a baptismal well, but occasionally older children who just enter the faith are christened and celebrated as new members of the church. Just as with traditional christenings, gifts are appropriate from family and friends in the church to help support the new faithful. Gifts don't need to be elaborate, but should reflect the beliefs of the church and could help to educate and shape the new church member.

Religious Jewelry

No matter what sex your child is, a religiously oriented piece of jewellery is a thoughtful christening gift that shows pride in religious faith. Girls will enjoy lovely beaded bracelets with religious charms like crucifixes, sandals or doves and both boys and girls will wear necklaces made of leather, silver or gold with a crucifix on it or a patron saint medal. Some online sites that originated from the movie "The Passion of the Christ" sell what is called "passion" jewellery featuring a symbolic nail, Aramaic lettering or a crown of thorns that can remind the older child of the foundation of his faith. Rings for either sex are also available and the popularity of the "What Would Jesus Do" (WWJD) wristbands makes them also a good consideration.


Book publishers have expanded on the number of available children's religiously based publications that address moral values as well as traditional church history or bible stories. Books like "The Children's Book of Faith" by William J. Bennett and Michael Hague hold many traditional bible stories in more understandable language for younger children and books of devotionals for both boys and girls help children keep in touch with God with daily prayers.

A traditional collection of Aesop's Fables can help reaffirm moral lessons learnt in church and both entertain and teach children with classic tales like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Although not directly related to their christening, books that teach or confirm morals support a faithful lifestyle.


Even older children can benefit from a religiously oriented quilt or comforter and a cosy blanket always makes a great gift for a child. Purchase a quilt that has some religious motif on it, or better yet, displays a decorative list of good behaviour and characteristics that a faithful child should emulate.

Pre-teens who get christened will appreciate a more modern take on gift-giving and may enjoy some Christian rock music for his iPod or some graphic tees that celebrate the life and devotion to Jesus. Although somewhat comical, a "Got Jesus" T-shirt for a preteen shows him that loving God is cool, and proclaiming one's faith is a good thing to do.

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