Coleman Scanoe Specs

Written by bob brown | 13/05/2017
Coleman Scanoe Specs
Man and dog in a canoe (Schedivy Pictures Inc./Digital Vision/Getty Images)

The Coleman Scanoe is a design that has been around for many years. Pelican International has since purchased Colemans boat designs and still manufactures them under the model name "Bayou 160".

As of 2010, the newest model is the 2010 Bayou 160. It still has all the features of the Coleman Scanoe and some new ones.


The Bayou 160 is 16 feet 6 inches (503cm) from bow to stern. Its beam (width at its widest point) is 43 inches (109cm). It weighs 50.3kg (51 Kg).


It has 53 cubic feet of storage space. It comes equipped with three seats and holds a total maximum load of 431kg (432 Kg). The hull material is made of a polythene material called RAM-X.


The Bayou 160 is designed with a wide flat bottom, and a triple keel for stability. It has a square stern with a built-in motor mount on the transom. It also has built-in handles for carrying, vertical fishing rod holders, and drink holders moulded into the boat.

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