Indoor winter birthday party ideas for 3 year olds

Updated March 23, 2017

A winter birthday limits the options for a birthday party, especially for 3-year-olds, but there are still options available for birthday parties that take place indoors. Smaller parties or renting a party space can make up for having the party indoors while keeping the party fun. Generally parents also attend 3-year-old birthday parties, so it is important to plan an area for them to sit or participate during the party.

Let It Snow Birthday Party

Embrace winter with a "Let It Snow" birthday party. Make the invitations look like snowflakes or put a snowman on the front of the invitation. Decorate the party with paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, taped to the window and the walls of the room. The activities can include making a marshmallow snowman with toothpicks and gumdrops as decorations, and pin the carrot on the snowman. The cake can be a snow scene or you can make a snowman by baking round cakes and frosting with white frosting and adding a face and buttons. The goody bags could include a package of hot chocolate mix for each child, snow stickers and mittens.

Beach Party

Escape from winter by throwing a beach birthday bash in the winter. Make beach ball invitations by either making paper beach balls or by writing the party information on a real beach ball. If possible set up an indoor sand table and let the kids play in it throughout the party. For an activity, have the children decorate a T-shirt with puff paints or their handprints or using fabric stamps. Before the party write the words "Beach Party" on the T-shirt. The cake can look like a sand castle, or you could have an ocean-themed cake. Another option is to have children frost and decorate star shaped cookies, and let them know they are starfish. Party favours can be sand buckets and shovels, sunglasses, a sun visor (which kids could also decorate) and beach balls.

Museum Party

Schedule a birthday at your local children's museum or science centre. These birthday parties allow kids a chance to play and explore and are not dependent on the weather conditions. You can plan for a winter themed party by asking the presenter's to include a part about winter if they offer a science class as part of the party option. The invitations and party favours are often provided by the museum. Additionally they cater their parties to age group, so this works well for the younger 3-year-old crowd.

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