Fun Medieval Activities for Kids

Written by gerri blanc
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Fun Medieval Activities for Kids
Craggy castles have come to represent the Medieval age. (Steve Allen/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The Medieval age typically refers to the period in Europe from the early 1000s to the 1500s A.D. The period often brings to mind jousting knights, beautiful maidens and magical sorcerers. Celebrate all things Medieval with your children by planning some fun activities centred cultural aspects of the time.

Knight Shield Craft

Let children create their own special knight shield with this activity. Using cardboard, cut out shield shapes and allow children to cover them with tinfoil. Then, give the children art materials to decorate their shields. Permanent markers and stickers, as well as magazine clippings and glue, work well. Instruct the kids to display their names--either by writing the name or gluing letters out of a magazine--at the top of the shields. Below their names, the kids can decorate the shields with things that represent them. Glue two ends of a sturdy strip of fabric to the back of the shield so the children can hold it like a Medieval knight.

Fun Medieval Activities for Kids
Cut shield shapes from cardboard. (old shield image by NataV from

Merlin's Magic Potion

Let the kids act as Merlin the Magician from the King Arthur tales with this game. Fill clear plastic cups with water and add a different colours of food colouring to each cup. That way, you create two sets of "potions." Place a set of potions each of two tables at one side of the room. On the other side of the room, set up two big basins or "cauldrons." Divide the players into two teams and line the teams up next to a set of potions. When you say "go," the first player takes one of the potions and races to the basin on the other side of the room. He empties his cup and returns back to his team, prompting the next player in line to go. The first team to have all its potions in the cauldron wins the game.

Catch the Dragon

Myths about dragons seem to have originated from the Medieval age. Play this game to show your kids just how tricky dragons were to catch, according to legend. Select one player to become the dragon slayer. All other players become the dragon and line up behind each other, placing their hands on the shoulders of the players in front of them. The first player in line becomes the dragon's head while the last player is the dragon's tail. The dragon slayer counts to 30 while the dragon gets a head start. The dragon slayer then races to tag the dragon's tail. Once she does this, the dragon's tail becomes the new dragon slayer and the dragon slayer becomes the new dragon's head, pushing the previous dragon's head to the second spot in line. Continue playing until everyone has had a turn playing the dragon slayer.

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