Ivory Gifts for Him

Choosing the right present for the guy in your life requires knowing his style and personality. Ivory, a cool and attractive colour, offers a wide range of possibilities for presents. Exotic vacations, trendsetting clothing and shoes and hand-carved items are a few types of gifts he will enjoy.

Republic of Ivory Coast Vacation

Indulge the man in your life with an Ivory Coast vacation. Located in western Africa, the Ivory Coast has three main regions, the Savannah, the coast and the forest. While on the Ivory Coast, art lovers can enjoy the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum has a collection of artefacts and relics as well as African Art exhibits.

Visitors wanting to escape from the busy city life can visit any one the local neighbourhoods where open-air markets and traditional huts are the highlight of this town.

Nature lovers can visit any one of the three UNESCO world Heritage Parks. The Tai National Park, the Comoe National Park and the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve are vastly different but equal in attractions.

Visitors can enjoy a religious service at the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in the District de Yamoussoukro. Modelled after the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Basilica is the largest church in the world.

Walking Sticks

If he needs help walking or just want to walk with distinction, a walking stick is the right gift for any gentleman. In addition to a walking aid, a walking stick with an faux-ivory ornament makes a fashion statement.

Ivory is a sign of wealth. Because of its rarity, ivory was only available to very wealthy people at one time. Using faux ivory will provide the look of wealth at an affordable price. Cane artist would use the ivory handles as a opportunity to carve a variety of subjects. Some of the subjects included animals, flowers and human forms.

Ivory Clothing

Give him a ivory suit to keep him cool on those warm summer months. A three-piece suit will enable him to mix and match the suit with other items in his wardrobe. Pair the jacket neutral-coloured trousers for a casual day in the office. Matching a polo shirt with the trousers will be comfortable when walking along the beach or enjoying a summer social. Complement the suit with an accent of colour by replacing the ivory shirt with a coloured shirt. He can wear the full three-piece suit to church, a wedding or any other semiformal or formal daytime event.

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