Guatemala Food Snack Ideas

Written by sarai jeremiah
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Guatemala Food Snack Ideas
Guacamole and corn chips are a common part of Guatemalan cuisine. (Alexandra Rowley/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Guatemalan cuisine is largely influenced by the multicultural nature of Guatemala, which includes Spanish and French tastes. Although Guatemala does not have a national dish, foods such as corn, beans, rice, chicken, turkey and beef and consumed most often by Guatemalans. In fact, beans and tortillas made from corn are eaten with nearly every meal. Taking inspiration from foods consumed by Guatemalans can help you create appropriate snacks.

Spicy Eggs

Two main Guatemalan staples, beans and corn tortillas, can be pared with eggs and salsa to make a spicy Guatemalan snack. Begin by warming a corn tortilla in the oven. Then scramble two eggs or fry them over easy, whichever you prefer. Finally, heat a small portion of refried black beans. Place the eggs on the corn tortilla and top with the refried beans. Add a small amount of spicy salsa to complete the snack.

Grilled Chicken and Rice

Guatemalans often eat grilled chicken for dinner, according to the website Food by Country. Leftover chicken from dinner can be used to create an afternoon snack. Prepare your favourite type of seasoned rice. You can make it homemade or purchase seasoned rice in a box. Once the rice is done, heat the leftover grilled chicken and warm some corn tortillas. Fill the corn tortillas with rice and grilled chicken and top with chunky tomato sauce.


Guacamole is another dish that is eaten often in Guatemala. Guatemalans often prepare homemade guacamole by combining mashed avocado, chicken bouillon, minced garlic, tomatoes, onions and spices. You can serve guacamole with whole corn tortillas or tortilla chips for a complete snack or serve it with shrimp, as seafood is also commonly eaten in Guatemala.

Corn Cake

Corn cake is created by mixing cake mix and one of Guatemala's staple foods (corn) for a sweet snack. Combine one box yellow cake mix, one package vanilla instant pudding mix, four eggs, one cup cream-style corn (mashed), 1/2-cup vegetable oil, 59.1ml. whole milk and 1 tsp vanilla in a mixer and blend for about two minutes. Pour all ingredients into a greased pan and bake on 177 degrees Cor about 50 to 60 minutes. You can eat the corn cake alone or serve with milk.

Seafood Soup

Another meal that can be eaten as a snack is a seafood soup called Tapado. Tapado is made by combining fresh coconut milk, fish fillets, shrimp, plantains, red bell pepper, tomatoes, onions, and seasonings such as dried oregano, black pepper, cilantro and salt. Coconut milk is often used in Guatemalan soups because of the flavour it adds, reports the website Destination 360.

Sweet Snacks

Four sweet snack foods commonly eaten in Guatemala are bunuelos, flan, plantains and dulce de leche. Bunuelos are similar to a doughnut and are typically served covered with honey and cinnamon. Flan is a type of dessert similar to a custard that is generally made with a pastry base. Plantains are a type of cooking banana generally cut into slices and fried in oil or baked in the oven. Dulce de leche (milk caramel) is made by heating milk, sugar, vanilla bean and baking soda. It can be served over ice cream, bananas, flan, cookies or similar foods.

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