Fruits & Flowers for a 4th Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for a fourth anniversary is fruit and flowers. Imagine these gifts as lovely representations of the continuous blossoming of your love or the fruitfulness of your marriage. While this theme may seem difficult to incorporate into gifts, you can find a wide range of options for a traditional fruit and flowers anniversary present.

Live Plants

For a gift that will symbolise your blooming love throughout the season, select a live plant. Any fruit or flower will effectively represent this anniversary's theme, but your selection may be limited somewhat by the season your anniversary falls in and the climate where you live. Try strawberries, raspberries and roses in spring, daylilies and impatiens in summer, mums and fruit trees in fall, and carnations and holly berries in winter.


A bouquet of flowers is a classic gift, but you can give it a new twist for this anniversary by adding fruit to the mix. Fruit bouquets can be made with fruit that is cut into the shape of flowers, or by simply mounting chocolate-dipped strawberries on skewers.

You can opt for separate bouquets of just fruit or flowers, or tuck a few blossoms into a fruit bouquet, or add a selection of strawberries into a bouquet of roses. For an arrangement that will last for years to come, use silk flowers and wax fruit instead of the real thing.

Home Decor

Fruit and flowers can be incorporated in a variety of decorative pieces. Look for artwork featuring both these elements. Ceramic figures can also be purchased in the shape of fruit or flowers. Consider a selection of candles with fruity and floral scents such as lavender, rose, apple blossom, citrus and strawberry.

A seasonal wreath or garland with leaves, blossoms, grapes and berries is another way to incorporate this theme into your gift. Consider decking out the table with these types of pieces, and then serving a romantic anniversary meal.


Flowers are a common motif in jewellery, especially roses. You can incorporate any favourite into your gift. Though less common, pieces adorned with fruit can be found as well. A jewel-encrusted pear or bunch of grapes can look quite elegant, especially if you happen to find an antique broach featuring such fruits. For those with a whimsical side, brightly coloured pieces featuring slices of citrus, watermelon or kiwi can be a fun choice.

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