Fruit display party ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Colourful fresh fruit simply looks rich and delicious and displays well as a party food. Designing fruit displays is not difficult, since fruit is available in so many different shapes and colours. Fruit is simple to work because it holds its shape well when cut. A set of fruit and vegetable carving knives and utensils is all you need to transform raw fruit into swans, flowers and many stunning designs.

Fruit Bouquet Centerpiece

Creating stunning fruit displays for a party is not difficult because fruit is so colourful and versatile. Find a large floral vase, about 6 inches tall, 6 inches wide, in solid red, yellow or orange. Fill it half-full with floral foam to support wooden skewers to hold fruit "flowers." Cut cantaloupe and honeydew melons into 1-inch-square chunks. Clean a pineapple without coring it. Slice it from top to bottom into 1.5-inch slices. Use a cookie cutter to punch out large daisies from each slice. Use a melon baller to cut whole balls of melons. Skewer the cantaloupe onto wooden skewers with honeydew melon slices cut lengthwise. Punch the pineapple daisy centres onto wooden craft sticks of varied lengths and stick melon ball on the tops to create the flowers' centres. You can alternate strawberries, pineapple chunks and kiwi slices on the medium-length craft sticks to create interesting designs. Blueberries and blackberries add colour and size variety. Arrange the filled skewers in a pleasing design in the vase. Experiment with different sized vases and various fruit types and placements.

Fruit Platter

Fruit displays serve two primary purposes. They liven up the party by decorating it with colourful displays of fresh fruit and they are clearly intended for the guests to consume. Use a large platter or purchase a party platter from a party store. Fill the centre with bunches of green and red grapes. Mentally divide the platter into sections and alternate each section with cleaned strawberries, pineapple chunks, kiwi wedges, and honeydew and watermelon balls. Place trays of different designs around the room.

Fruit Kabobs

An interesting and somewhat exotic fruit display for a party is fruit kebabs. Use wooden skewers of different lengths to alternate melon balls and 1/2-inch chunks of different types of melons, pineapple chunks, kiwi slices and strawberries. Cut off just enough of the bottom from a whole pineapple so it will stand on its own with its leaves straight up. Push different lengths of skewers into the pineapple. Make several and place them around the party room. Slice a watermelon in half lengthwise and place it facedown on a platter. Stick fruit kebabs into the water melon rind in a pleasing design for a colourful centrepiece.

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