Things to Do With a Laminator Machine

Updated November 21, 2016

Laminator machines help protect and preserve documents and papers by processing the item into a plastic seal that prevents wrinkles and damage. Office supply stores sell laminators in various sizes such as 11-by-17 and 9-by-11. The most commonly used personal laminator uses plastic pouches. You simply place the paper you want to laminate inside a pouch and feed it through. The machine seals it tightly on all sides. Some laminating machines get very hot during use and should not be used near pets or children.

Preserve Maps

Use your machine to preserve small maps that are less than 12-by-12 inches wide. You can place these maps in a folder for quick, easy access before a trip. Small maps come in handy when you're navigating a small town. Laminating the map ensures that the paper lasts much longer than it originally would.

Homemade Behavior Chart

Use a laminating machine to create your own homemade behaviour chart for your kids. Buy thick card stock paper and use a ruler to create columns. Make a column for each behaviour you want to encourage. Use markers to write down chores or good behaviours such as positive attitude or teamwork at the top and write your child's names on the left hand side of the chart. Draw pictures next to each behaviour or chore and decorate the chart to suit your taste. Allow the markers to dry, then laminate your chart. You can hang it on the fridge and use wipeable markers to write a check mark next to each behaviour during the week. You can also use easy-to-peel stickers.


Use your laminator to preserve memories and then place these inside a scrapbook. Laminate a lock of your child's hair from his first hair cut or laminate his hospital birth card. Laminating can preserve any sentimental item for your scrapbooks. You can also laminate tokens or coins.

Flash Cards

Make flash cards for your children. Draw letters for teaching the alphabet with letter-corresponding images of animals or shapes on the other side. Use card stock paper and markers to make eye-catching cards. Laminate each card to preserve your artwork.

Personal Goals

Write down your personal goals and decorate the paper with drawings and stickers. Use your machine to laminate your goals and place this next to your desk or tack it to your notice board as a reminder.

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