Foods that stimulate leptin response in the body

Written by sarah dewitt ince
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Foods that stimulate leptin response in the body
Load up on salmon every other day if possible. (salmon image by cherie from

Leptin is a hormone in the body that responds to certain diets. How your body responds to leptin depends on several factors. People who are overweight or obese typically have higher levels of leptin in their blood naturally, but they have a lowered response to leptin after eating which can cause a person to eat too much. A normal leptin response causes a person to feel full after eating a meal so that they stop eating. Losing weight can change how your body responds to leptin making this hormone more effective at controlling weight for the long term. This is one reason why dieting is so difficult for some people because the body doesn't know when it's full.


The San Benito Consolidated School district says foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids alter leptin your body. Salmon is a superb choice because it's high in omega-3 fats, protein and other nutrients. Eat your meals slowly to give your body time to fill up your stomach and feel full. After eating, your leptin levels will kick in and you can begin to feel like you've had enough to eat. Try to eat salmon for lunch or dinner several times each week. Combine salmon with fresh vegetables, rice or other healthy foods. An ideal portion is about the size of a deck of cards or your fist.

Foods that stimulate leptin response in the body
Salmon is high in many essential nutrients your body needs. (steelhead salmon dish image by Karin Lau from


Snack on almonds throughout the day or add slivered almonds to a fresh green salad. Almonds also stimulate a leptin response in the body because this food is high in omega-3 fats. Almonds are also high in calcium and minerals. Make your own raw almond milk with a blender at home and drink this instead of regular cow's milk. You can get a good dose of calcium along with several other nutrients that your body needs. You can also add chopped almonds to baked dishes such as chicken or even add almonds to salmon.

Foods that stimulate leptin response in the body
Buy dry non salted almonds because this type is lower in calories. (almonds image by FJ Medrano from


Just like salmon, tuna is also high in omega-3 fats. Choose yellow fin tuna or other varieties that are available in your area. Buy tuna at the seafood section of your local grocery store rather than in a can. However, you can also get the same benefit from canned tuna, but you might enjoy the fresh, less salty, taste of the whole fish. Make tuna salads, sandwiches and casseroles. Tuna is also high in other vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for overall health.

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