Types of Fuschia Flowers

Written by melissa lewis | 13/05/2017
Types of Fuschia Flowers
Fuchsias feature bell shaped flowers. (fuchsia image by Annett Goebel from Fotolia.com)

Fuchsias are a genus of plants of about 100 species with about 3,000 to 5,000 cultivators therein, according to Clemson University. They have bell shaped flowers that are commonly grown as potted plants and can be transported outdoors during warm weather when frost is no longer a threat and then cut back and brought indoors during the colder months. There are several ways to classify different types of fuchsia flowers, which makes choosing among the thousands of possibilities a bit easier.

Upright Fuchsias

Many fuchsia varieties -- or cultivators -- grow in an upright growth habit, some of which need support such as a trellis or wall. They potentially grow up to 3 feet, depending on variety. Examples of upright fuchsias include Chillerton Beauty, Beacon, Black Prince, Constance and Winston Churchhill.

Trailing Fuchsias

Other fuchsia varieties grow in a trailing growth habit. They generally make good hanging plants. Example fuchsias that grow in a trailing growth habit are Curtain Calls, Falling Stars, Dark Eyes, Hula Girls, Swingtime and Starry Trail.

Heat Tolerant

In general, fuchsias with orange and red blossoms are more heat tolerant than fuchsias with blue and white blossoms. They can generally withstand temperatures in the high 80s Fahrenheit and low 90s Fahrenheit, even in full afternoon sun. Example heat tolerant fuchsia varieties include Daisy Bells, First Love, Eternal Flame and Sacramento Bells.

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