Easy items to make & sell at a craft bazaar

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you enjoy crafts and do-it-yourself projects or are looking for a way to branch out into a new creative business venture, the craft bazaar scene may be an ideal way to mix creativity with capital. To ensure return on your investment and not get too bogged down in time-consuming production, choose items that are simple to create and will tempt buyers into stopping at your table to make a purchase.


Today many think of bookmarks as an electronic way to remember a favourite website. Offer your craft show customers the "real thing" to mark a new best seller or old classic. Bookmarks are an ideal bazaar craft because you can make them out of just about anything. Mine your home for materials or take a quick trip to the craft store. Plastic canvas, a pliable, inexpensive coloured grid-like material, is sturdy enough to stand up to heavy use but thin enough not to break the binding on a book. Use beading, ribbons or embroidery floss to make plastic canvas bookmarks. One sheet of plastic canvas will make multiple bookmarks. Other bookmark options include creating collages out of cardboard and magazine cutouts, knitting, braiding ribbon into long, thin bookmarks, laminating photographs and applying glitter.

Potpourri sachets

Offer bazaar customers a way to scent their dresser drawers and cabinets with handmade potpourri sachets. Potpourri, available in bulk bags at craft stores, comes in a variety of scents, such as mulberry and cinnamon. Make your own aromas by purchasing unscented potpourri and adding a few drops of essential oils, such as lavender or orange zest. Another option is to make your own potpourri from scratch, using herbs, flowers and other garden items. To make the sachet pouch for the potpourri, purchase small fabric bags in bulk or design your own by cutting the feet from washed pantyhose and stockings. Fill with potpourri, add any additional scents and tie firmly with a decorative ribbon. Develop themed sachets coordinated to upcoming holidays to increase sales potential. Buy printed ribbon with details such as hearts or pumpkins, or colours such as green for St. Patrick's Day and pastels for Easter.

Reusable bag

Combine helping the environment with offering bazaar shoppers a way to wrangle all their purchases by decorating reusable tote bags. Purchase canvas tote bags in bulk in plain white or beige; a variety of sizes, from cell phone and wallet size to a bag large enough to hold a couple sacks of groceries, is available. Gather art supplies from your home or the dollar store, such as paint, glitter, patches, stencils, markers, feathers and glue-on sequins and gems. Decorate the bags for an upcoming holiday theme, stencil on alphabet letters or draw iconic symbols such as music notes, hearts, paw prints or stars. Let shoppers know that by buying a bag, they may reduce their yearly per-person plastic bag consumption of 350 to 500 bags.

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