Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday When You Turn 30

Written by natalie baker | 13/05/2017
Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday When You Turn 30
Embrace turning 30 and plan a celebration. (Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Getty Images)

For some, leaving their 20s behind and turning 30 years old can be a dreaded occasion. Rather than moping, embrace the fact that you are entering a new chapter of adulthood by planning a birthday celebration to remember. Although turning 30 may not be viewed as an official milestone birthday such as a 21st, there is no reason why should not celebrate in style.

Garden Masquerade Party

For a sophisticated affair, organise a masquerade garden party. Invite guests to attend in formal evening attire and use candles to light up the garden. Ask the guests to wear a mask or set up a table with the basic craft supplies required to make one at the party. Play sophisticated music and serve cocktails. For an added touch, award the guest with the best mask a bottle of wine or champagne.

Video Scavenger Hunt

Revert to your youth and arrange a birthday-themed scavenger hunt. Give the hunt a modern-day twist by asking the teams to film each item from the list on their cell phone or digital camera. Theme each list item to relate to the guest of honour, such as "Find something with the number 30 on it." The video footage that each of the teams make will create some laughs when viewed and will serve as a reminder of the day.

Potluck Dinner Party

If you would like to celebrate with a banquet but the budget will not stretch, arrange a potluck dinner. Each guest is responsible for bringing one item of food such as creamy mash potatoes or roasted vegetables. The food is then shared to create a dinner for all of the guests. Add a little more excitement and ask the guests to secretly vote for the best, most surprising or most creative dish and award small prizes. After the meal has ended, play the guest of honor's favourite childhood board game, such as Chutes and Ladders as a nod to his younger years.

Beach Party

Make the most of the warm weather and plan a beach party celebration. Visit during the daytime to soak up the sun, swim or play volleyball. During the evening set up an open fire and cook dinner, drink wine and play card games. For a special touch, set off Chinese lanterns to light up the night sky.

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