Traditional Confirmation Gifts

Written by melissa mccormick | 13/05/2017
Traditional Confirmation Gifts
Confirmation often initiates teens as members of the church. (catholic cathedral image by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen from

Confirmation in the Christian faith is a religious initiation and the decision a person makes to respond to God's grace, according to the United Methodist Church. Confirmation is most commonly practised by Christians such as Catholics, Lutherans and Methodists. People who are confirmed are usually teens between the ages of eleven and fourteen. Churches often offer confirmation classes that teach the meaning of Christianity to prepare teens for confirmation day, when they vow their faith before the church and become a church member. Often this is celebrated with parties and gifts.

Saint Medals

Traditional Confirmation Gifts
Saint medals are perhaps the most traditional confirmation gifts of Catholic faith. (saint image by Mélissa Bradette from

Saint Medals are a tradition, especially among Catholics, as a confirmation gift. This is because, during confirmation Catholics take a saint name to imitate the life a particular saint. Many people give saint medals as a gift to commemorate the naming and remind Catholics to model their lives after saints. Saints often depicted on medals include St. Joan of Arc, Saint Peter and Saint Patrick.

Teen Bibles

Traditional Confirmation Gifts
Bibles are also a common confirmation gift. (bible image by pearlguy from

Another traditional confirmation gift is a bible. Plenty of bibles are made that specifically cater to teens. These bibles often offer religious and life lessons along with scripture and easy to understand text. Many purchase bibles as a confirmation gift to encourage teens to get a strong start in their religious journey.


Traditional Confirmation Gifts
Many Catholics use rosaries during prayer. (rosary image by Marek Kosmal from

Like saint medals, rosaries are a very popular and traditional confirmation gift. Rosaries are beads that many Catholics use to pray with. These beads also include a medallion of the Virgin Mary and a crucifix. Catholics typically use rosaries during a series of prayers about the life of Jesus Christ.

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