Problems With a Jacuzzi

Written by denise brandenberg
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Problems With a Jacuzzi
Some jacuzzis have cloudy water. (jacuzzi love image by .shock from

While jacuzzis are designed as relaxing additions to backyards and decks, owners can get easily stressed out when their hot tubs have problems. Many hot tub issues have simple remedies that only require a little troubleshooting by the homeowner. If you have a jacuzzi and are experiencing problems, the first key to success is to correctly identify the root of the issue and the reasons behind it.

Water Quality Problems

Many jacuzzi owners have issues with cloudy water or smelly water. According to the Spa Depot website, one of the main causes of these types of problems is high contaminates. The jacuzzi water is typically out of balance, and the unit may have a clogged or ineffective filter. If the water turns a milky white colour, the problem is often associated with soap residues or low calcium water hardness. Other contributors to these types of issues include children (or adults) using the bathroom in the water and the addition of nonapproved bath oils or bubble baths.

Filter Problems

When a jacuzzi has dirty water and floating particles, it may have a filter problem. This type of issue has several root causes, such as dirt build-up, a damaged O-ring and general water imbalance, according to Pool and Spa. You should first see which type of filter is in your jacuzzi before attempting to troubleshoot the problem. For example, if you have a Diatomaceous Earth (or DE) filter, you may not be allowed to backwash it into the public water system if it becomes clogged. Sand filters sometimes allow small microscopic particles to pass through and contaminate the water. Cartridge filters may need replacing if their pleats get stretched out.

Heater Problems

Thermal water therapy is one of the main selling points of jacuzzis, and some homeowners have problems with the heater. Some hot tubs won't heat up simply because their water flow is blocked. This may occur when the filter is clogged, jets are closed or the water level is incorrect. Other heater issues include a broken thermostat, misplaced O-rings and unlit pilot lights. If the water gets too hot, it may be because the thermostat is out of calibration or the heater relay contacts are broken.

Pest Problems

Some jacuzzi owners experience nonmechanical issues, such as pest problems. If you live in a warm, humid temperature, the water in your hot tub probably attracts mosquitoes. You can prevent this problem by burning citronella candles or insect repellent smoke rings around your jacuzzi. If this doesn't work, enclose your outdoor hot tub with netting or a screened structure. If frogs or toads are jumping into your jacuzzi while it's not in use, add a hot tub cover to your unit.

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