13th Anniversary Gifts for Men

Updated April 13, 2018

Gift-giving is an anniversary tradition many people enjoy, but sometimes finding the right gift is a challenge. One way to make anniversary giving more memorable is to rely on the traditional gifts for the year you are celebrating. Using this method as a guide, there are many practical, personal and fun gift ideas to choose from when purchasing a 13th anniversary gift for your husband.


Lace is the traditional gift item associated with the 13th wedding anniversary, according to the website Anniversary Ideas. Typically, not many gifts for men include lace; however, many men would appreciate the gift of seeing the woman they love in lacy lingerie. Items with "laces," such as shoes, boots, a baseball glove, a tennis racket or snow shoes, would also be appropriate.


The modern gift for the 13th anniversary is textiles. Clothing, outerwear, a leather tool belt, a wallet or piece of luggage are a few general items to consider. If your man is into sports, a hat, T-shirt or blanket with his favourite team's logo would probably be a hit. Men that enjoy the outdoors might like to receive a tent, sleeping bag or fishing waders---all things made from textiles. Career-minded husbands will probably appreciate a new suit or leather briefcase.


If your guy likes to wear jewellery, remember that malachite, citrine and moonstone are the gems associated with the 13th anniversary. Rings, tie tacks and cuff links are the most common items of men's jewellery that utilise gemstones. You may also find these stones in high-end watches, key chains and money clips.


Fur is another modern-day gift item for celebrating the 13th anniversary. If your budget or ethics don't allow for real fur, gifts made from faux fur will work just as well. Fur-lined gloves, hats or blankets are a few choices. A pet (covered in fur) can also make a wonderful gift if you know your spouse wants one and the two of you are prepared to care for it.

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