Alcohol Awareness Games

Updated November 21, 2016

Three out of every four high school students will have consumed more than just a few sips of alcohol by the time they graduate high school, and about 40 per cent will have consumed alcohol by eighth grade, according to Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). Because of this, it is important to make sure students are aware of the effects and dangers of alcohol use from an early age.

Fatal Vision Goggles

"Fatal Vision Goggles" simulate the effect of alcohol on a person's vision and perception. To illustrate the effects of alcohol, have participants perform activities such as walking in a straight line, giving a high five, throwing a crumpled paper into a dustbin and playing catch under normal circumstances, then have them do those activities again while wearing the goggles. This demonstrates the dangers of impaired driving.

Alcohol Quiz Show

Come up with a set of questions and answers regarding alcohol that are split up into categories. Examples of categories include statistics, biology and history. Ask the questions one by one, rewarding participants who get a question correct with a piece of candy or other small token.

Word Association

A good activity for generating discussion about participants' attitudes toward alcohol is word association. Begin by writing the word "BEER" on a blackboard or white board, and have participants write down the first few words that come into their minds. Then call on volunteers to share what they wrote, and write them on the blackboard around the word "BEER." Initiate a discussion about whether the words are overwhelmingly positive, negative or neutral.

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