Thank You Gifts for Nurses

From hospitals to clinics to the office of your family practitioner, nurses play a large role in keeping us healthy, happy and educated about how to care for our bodies. If you've had a good experience with a nurse and want to thank her, give her a small gift and a handwritten thank-you note. Keep the amount you spend small---no more than £32. The point is to show her she's made a difference in your life; be sure to tell her how her care and support have helped you recover and, if possible, how her advice has forever changed the way you eat, exercise or monitor your health.

Make a Donation in Her Name

Nurses have devoted their lives to caring for others. Show your support of her ideals by making a thank-you donation in her name to a non-profit foundation or a nongovernmental organisation that supports the work of nurses worldwide, especially those who practice in underserved or third-world countries. The American Red Cross, Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders are all good places to start. Before you donate, check the foundation's website to find out how much of your donation will go to people in need. Save the Children, for example, directs approximately 92 per cent of its donations to program services and only 8 per cent to management and fundraising.

Treat Her Feet

Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet. Give her something to help her aching arches, such as a gift token to a spa or a salon. In your thank-you note, tell her you want her to get a foot massage or a pedicure because you appreciate how many hours she spends on her feet, caring for others.

Send Her Edible Treats

Since a nurse's job is to help you get well and stay healthy, show her you took her advice to heart. Instead of flowers or candy, send her a gift basket filled with fruit. In your thank-you note, tell her you appreciated her help and advice and look forward to months and years of healthy living, thanks to her.

Give Her a Care Package

A nurse's day is spent taking care of others, but who takes care of her? Give her a nursing gift basket full of things she needs to get through the day. Think about her everyday duties, from shuffling an endless number of charts, leaving her fingers and hands dry and uncomfortable, to helping patients out of bed, leaving her with a sore and aching back. Include a scented lotion for dry, chapped hands and medicated cooling/heating patches for occasional back pain. Include a high-quality pen or two in case her hospital's pens don't write well or run out of ink quickly.

Get a Gift Token

If your nurse works in a hospital or a treatment centre with a cafe or a coffee shop, stop in and buy her a gift token. She'll appreciate being able to slip away for a quick latte, bagel or hot lunch without having to carry cash herself. During a tough day or a long double shift, she'll need a reason to walk away for a few minutes to clear her mind or collect herself. With your gift token in hand, she can grab a quick bite to eat or something warm to drink and return to work energised.

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