Jungle Themed Costume Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Attending a costume party is often a great deal of fun, especially if you're wearing a clever outfit. Searching for the right costume often takes a certain amount of creativity and imagination, which is made easier if you have a theme to adhere to. If the theme is the jungle, there are many creative ideas, either human or animal, that are adaptable for adults, kids and even infants.

Jungle Guide

Jungle guide costumes are suitable for both men and women and are inexpensive to put together. This type of outfit consists of khaki or tan shorts, trousers or a skirt. Wear a tan vest with pockets and purchase a pith helmet. Wear hiking boots for your feet or if you are a woman going for a edgier jungle guide look, wear heeled boots with a shorter skirt or shorts. For accessories, carry a map in hand, a pair of binoculars around your neck, and a compass hanging from your pocket. Other details, such as a thick moustache are an option, particularly when dressing children as jungle guides.

Wildcats in the Jungle

Tigers, leopards and panthers are all wildcats that live in the jungle and each makes an interesting costume choice. It is an outfit that can be put together at home with a body suit and face paint. Wear an animal print body suit that matches the type of cat that you are dressing as. Use face paint or make-up to apply details such as a nose, whiskers and mimic patterns such as the stripes that are characteristic of, say, tigers. Buy felt and cut out ears to glue to a headband. For a tail, cut out two long strips of felt and sew the sides together to create a long tail to attach to the back of your body suit or outfit.


A monkey costume is suitable for someone who enjoys attention and wants to get into character.

A basic costume can be made using a brown sweatsuit with or without a hood, and brown or pink felt. Cut both colours of felt into the shape of monkey ears, with the brown slightly larger than the pink. Glue or sew the pink inside of the brown to give the appearance of a pink inner ear. Sew one ear on each side of the hood of the sweatsuit. Cut out two longer strips of felt about the length that you want your monkey tail. Sew the two together for thickness and then sew them to the rear of the sweatpants.

Tarzan and Jane

When dressing as a couple for a jungle themed party, compliment one another by dressing as Tarzan and Jane. For men, put on a pair of solid black, brown or leopard print swim briefs. Buy leopard or some other type of animal print material that's just long enough to wrap around your waist like a loin cloth. For women, wear an animal print bikini or swimming costume that matches your partner's loin cloth. Purchase material that you can tie around your waist as a makeshift skirt. Cut into the ends of the cloth to give it a jagged, worn appearance. Wear your hair messy and put real or fake leaves and twigs in the strands to make it look as if you've been living in the jungle.

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