Fun Gifts to Send to Friends in Other Countries

Updated April 17, 2017

Choosing a fun gift for a friend abroad is not always easy. It could be for a friend who has moved abroad or for a foreign friend living in his home country. Either way, you will need to take into account your friend's personality and tastes as well as the nature of international mail. Heavy or bulky gifts are expensive to send and fragile items could be damaged during delivery.


DVDs from the United States are a good option for anyone living abroad. New Hollywood movies and TV-show collections are normally released on DVD in the States before the rest of the world. The latest series of your friend's favourite cable show is an excellent choice. She will be able to watch it well in advance of the foreign DVD release, and probably before the show airs on foreign TV. Before sending a DVD, find out what type of DVD player your friend owns so that you can avoid any regional differences.

Food Items

Typical food items from your own country are fun gifts for friends abroad. Expat friends might be missing home-grown brands that are not available where they live, while foreign friends can sample some popular U.S. products. You will need to do some investigating first. For an expat friend, subtly ask what he misses from back home. He will probably reel off a long list of products. For a foreign friend, casually mention some popular American food items while chatting on the phone or online. Make a list of the items he has never heard of, buy a selection and send off a surprise package of typical American products.

Clothing and Accessories

Styles and fashion trends differ across the globe. What is hot in the United States might be unheard of abroad. If a particular item of clothing or a new type of accessory is the current must-have item in the United States, consider sending it to your friend abroad. This is a fun way to help an expat friend stay connected with her homeland, while fashion-conscious foreign friends will appreciate a little piece of overseas style. Include a few photos from magazines showing celebrities wearing the fashionable gift.


Create a photograph album including pictures of you, where you live, your friends and family. An expat friend will enjoy seeing photos of friends back home, while a foreign friend will be able to get a better idea of where you live and what your life is like. Make the album fun by including some silly shots of you and your friends and write short, witty descriptions to go with each photo.

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