Gifts for a husband's 40th birthday

Updated August 11, 2017

A man's 40th birthday is a milestone, where he ponders what he has accomplished and what he hopes to achieve in his next 40 years. He might fall into a sombre mood as he re-evaluates his life, so gifts that lighten the mood or reinvigorate him are appropriate presents. The right gift for your husband's 40th birthday can help him celebrate his life and start the next phase of his life on a high note.


Send him on that trip that he's always talked about but has never taken. A week in New Zealand living like a beachcomber and swimming in the ocean or travelling the coast of Ireland touring castles could be just the thing to rejuvenate him. Make the trip romantic with a lazy weekend in Nice, France, or watching the sunsets in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Alternatively, take the kids to visit a relative for a week and allow him the run of the house for a small taste of bachelorhood.


Keeping him active and engaged in new activities will help to make him feel young at heart. Enrol him in an art or cooking class at the community college or in an adult learning program. Give him a week in a survivalist course or sign him up for a skydiving class. If he is looking for career advancement, enrol him in a certification course or leadership training to move up at the workplace. If he has always wanted to learn an instrument, buy him that guitar or keyboard and find him an instructor for once-a-week lessons.


Perhaps your husband is lamenting some lost object from his youth. Do your research to find out what he enjoyed as a child and try to replicate it for him. If he had a favourite toy, scour online and second-hand stores to replace it for him. Give him a first or signed edition of one of his favourite books. If it is an activity that he misses, like cycling or playing tennis, give him a new bike or a tennis racket to motivate him to take it up again.


Help him celebrate this milestone in style. If he is a man who enjoys spirits, give him an expensive, aged scotch or bourbon. If he likes the occasional cigar, try a box of Dominicans. If your husband is a bit of a foodie, sign him up for a steak- or lobster-of-the month club, where he can eat like a king once a month. More simple but comforting gifts would be a new pair of slippers or a terrycloth bathrobe.

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