60th birthday menu ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Those turning 60 are more likely to be healthier and more active than those who did so in past generations. The 60th birthday does not necessarily mean retirement or jokes about being over-the-hill. When planning a party for the sexagenarian, take into account the personality of the person celebrating the birthday and build a theme around his individual interests. Consider his career, leisure activities, hobbies, dietary restrictions and personal tastes before deciding on a theme for the invitations, decorations or menu.

Birth Year Theme

A person celebrating a 60th birthday in 2010 was born in 1950. Decorate with pictures of the president that year, popular movie stars and a picture of the guest of honour. Have items that were popular that year on display, such as vintage soda bottles, Mr. Potato Head toys and political buttons from era. Serve food from the era, such as Kool-Aid, sandwiches made from Spam, celery filled with cream cheese, pigs-in-a-blanket, fruit cups and lemon chiffon pie for dessert. Provide some sugar-free treats for those on a sugar-restricted diet.

Sixty is Nifty

"Sixty is Nifty" is an easy theme that works for invitations and decorations as well as food choices. The party menu should include foods that were popular in the late 60s and 70s when the guest of honour was in his 20s and 30s. Build a party menu around fondue, one of the food fads of the 1970s. Provide plates of pieces of cheese, small cuts of beef and chicken, and chunks of breads for dipping. Have several fondue pots filled with oil for cooking the meats, cheese and chocolate. Make sure fondue forks available. Serve other foods such as small sandwiches and a plate of raw vegetables for those guests with dietary restrictions. Provide various drinks such as iced tea, soft drinks, and coffee. Alcoholic beverages may be made available.

Game Night

A Game Night theme might be a good way to celebrate a 60th birthday if the guest of honour enjoys playing games and likes to interact with the guests. Provide several game tables for different types of games. Guests might enjoy poker, Bunco, dice games or maybe dominoes.

The foods should be centred around the game theme with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and lots of easy to pick up finger foods that include sandwiches, chips and dips, raw veggies and several flavours of popcorn for munching. Instead of a birthday cake, make 60 cupcakes decorated with playing cards or dice and stack them on a platter for guests to serve themselves throughout the evening.

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