Gift ideas for a new baby and older sibling

Updated July 18, 2017

Becoming an older sibling when a baby is born can be both exciting and difficult. Perhaps the older sibling is looking at his new brother or sister as someone who he can play with or maybe he is looking at the baby as someone who is going to take away all of his parents' attention. Either way, if you are planning to get a new baby a gift, it is important to give gifts to any older siblings as well.

Reading Gift Package

Books are popular gifts for children of all ages, whether their parents will be reading to them or they are able to read to themselves. Therefore, a reading together gift package will work for both the older sibling and her baby sibling.

If the older sibling is reading without help, choose a book or books that are at her reading level. This way, she can read to her baby sibling. This will encourage her to teach her baby sibling in the future. If she is not reading yet, choose something that Mommy or Daddy can read to her that she will enjoy. Add a cosy blanket and maybe a flashlight for nighttime reading and you have a gift package.


For a new baby and a young but older sibling, matching clothing is not embarrassing yet, so take advantage of it. A pair of matching hats or matching T-shirts includes both children fairly.

If you cannot find matching or complimentary clothing for both the new baby and his older sibling, buy two plain white T-shirts to fit them and iron on whatever design you like. All you need is a computer, iron, T-shirts, a printer and T-shirt transfer paper. Find a public domain design online or scan your own design to your computer. Print it out once for each shirt--in the appropriate size--and iron it on to the T-shirts.


If you are giving a gift for a new baby and her older sibling after you or someone else takes a picture of the two together, you could give them each a copy of the photo in an appropriate frame. The new baby cannot play with a picture, but placing it in her nursery will give her a reminder of her sibling as she grows. You can even print the picture on iron on transfer paper and iron it onto T-shirts, sweatshirts or onesies.

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