Counter Strike 1.3 Tips & Cheats

Written by daniel moverley
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Counter Strike 1.3 Tips & Cheats
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Counter Strike 1.3 is a "Half Life" modification. This game is a tactical first person shooter that you can play online and is based around terrorists versus counter terrorists. Counter Strike 1.3 has many cheats and tricks available that can assist you with your objective. Before you can enter any cheat code, you must bring up the console window and enter the code sv_cheats 1. This will enable the cheats to work.


Weapons in this game range from small side arms to assault rifles. The weapon cheats gives access to all of the weapons in the game instantly. Press the "~" key to bring up the console window and then type in the word "give" followed by the code for the weapon you want.

For side arms type in "weapon_deagle" for a Desert Eagle, "weapon_glock" for a Glock, "weapon_elite" for a counter terrorist pistol, "weapon_fiveseven" for the weakest pistol, "weapon_glock18" for a terrorist pistol or "weapon_p228" for a 13 round pistol.

For heavier weaponry enter "weapon_m249" for a heavy machine gun, "weapon_tmp" for a silenced submachine gun, "weapon_m4a1" for a silenced rifle, "weapon_awp" for a magnum sniper rifle, "weapon_p90" for a P90, "weapon_scout" for the weakest sniper rifle, "weapon_ak47" for the terrorist's default rifle, "weapon_aug" for a bullpup rifle, "weapon_famas" for a Clarion 5.56, "weapon_g3sg1" for a D3AU, "weapon_galil" for an IDF Defender, "weapon_m3super90" for a pump shotgun, "weapon_mac10" for a weak submachine gun, "weapon_mp5" for a submachine gun, "weapon_sg550" for a Krieg 550 or "weapon_sg552" for a Krieg 552.

Character Codes

Counter Strike 1.3 has a few cheats that work with the player's character by increasing or decreasing certain statistics or by making the character invincible. During the game bring up the console window and type in the word "god." This will make your character invincible. To make the character move faster, type in "cl_forwardspeed" and enter a number between 0 and 999. The code "cl_backwardspeed" with a number at the end will change the backwards speed. The code "cl_sidespeed" and a number will change the side strafing speed.

Gameplay Tips

Many of the tactics and tricks in this game take practice and do not work all of the time. One tip to rearm yourself quicker after throwing a grenade is to press "Q" after throwing it. This will cause the character to pull out the primary weapon immediately. To throw a grenade as far as possible, run toward the target and throw at the same time. When you are attacked by an unseen enemy a good defensive move is to jump, as it will be hard for the attacker to keep you in his crosshairs.

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