The Advantages of Recycling Metal

Written by rebekah richards
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Aluminium and steel, the two primary recyclable metals, are used in several everyday products. Metal cans, appliances, auto parts and bridge parts can usually be recycled. But as much as 70 per cent of metal is only used once. Recycling metal has many benefits, including saving energy, reducing pollution, conserving raw materials, decreasing environmental damage from mining, conserving landfill space and potentially helping you make money.

Saving Energy

Recycling metal saves energy that would otherwise be used in producing more metal. According to BRING Recycling, the energy savings from a recycled six-pack of aluminium cans equals the energy required to drive a car for 5 miles.

Reducing Pollution

Recycling metal reduces the pollution involved with creating more aluminium and steel. According to BRING recycling, creating tin cans from recycled steel leads to only a quarter of the water and air pollution incurred by making new tin cans.

Conserving Raw Materials and Decreasing Mining Damage

Recycling metal helps conserve raw materials by using aluminium and steel over and over, rather than constantly creating more. Since finite amounts of natural resources exist, it is important to use them carefully. Additionally, recycling metal decreases the amount of mining, which helps reduce environmental damage.

Conserving Landfill Space

Because recycling metal translates to a reduction in the amount of trash people throw away, recycling helps conserve landfill space. According to BRING recycling, Americans throw away approximately 35 billion aluminium cans each year.

Making Money

Recycling metal provides many benefits for everyone, such as a cleaner environment and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. But you can also make money for yourself by selling scrap metal to scrap-metal recycling facilities.

Endless Recycling Potential

Because metal doesn't degrade during the recycling process (like other recyclable materials such as paper), metal can be recycled over and over without losing quality. Metal recycling therefore represents one of the most effective and valuable strategies for saving resources.

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