Bathroom Lighting Regulations

Written by marjorie gilbert | 13/05/2017
Bathroom Lighting Regulations
Bathroom lighting regulations help to protect you. (bathroom image by Mikhail Olykainen from

Unlike any other room in the house, a bathroom's exposure to water and humidity affects the choice of lighting. When you are renovating a bathroom or installing a new bathroom, certain bathroom lighting regulations apply.

Light Switches

The bathroom needs to have a switch that controls at least one of the lights.This is so that when you enter the bathroom, you can find the switch easily and turn on the light.

Suitable Light Fixtures

When you install lighting fixtures in the shower area or tub area, you need to check the lighting fixtures for a specific label. The label needs to read "suitable for damp/wet locations" (see Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting).

Location of Hanging Fixtures

You can install hanging fixtures, but you need to be careful about where you install them. The light fixture must be 8 feet above the rim of the tub as well as 3 feet horizontally from the edge of the tub.

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