How to Repair a Vita-Mix

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The Vita-Mix Blender us a food preparation appliance available for both home and commercial use. It is used to liquefy, purée, chop, knead or blend various types of foods. Food preparation examples including kneading dough and making soup. The Vita-Mix Blender is intended to replace several kitchen appliances that perform similar functions. Repairing the blender at home often requires replacing the unit's brushes, which get worn out over time.

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Double-check the power supply. It might not be working due to the blown fuse, or simply because it is not plugged in correctly connected. If it is not a power issue, then move on to the next step.

Unplug the Vita-Mix Blender to avoid electrical shock and other safety issues. Make sure the switch is in the off position.

Remove the cylindrical base. Do so by unscrewing the four screws that connect it to the rest of the unit.

Unplug the two black brushes by locating the electrical cables (usually blue and white) plugged into them. Unplug the cables and socket screws to disconnect the brushes, and then remove.

Install the new brushes into the unit by plugging them into the electrical cables and tightening the socket screws. Reattach the base.

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