Kitchen Window Dressing Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

When purchasing or making your own kitchen window dressing, determine what you want your window dressing to do for your kitchen. For instance, you may want more sunlight streaming in, or a window dressing that highlights a spectacular view. Your kitchen may have a theme you want to emphasise. Choose to make your windows the focal point in your kitchen or blend in with the rest of the room's decor.

Draping Techniques

A near effortless way to dress your kitchen windows involves draping fabric over a curtain rod. For example, drape loosely woven fabric such as hemp, linen or cotton over a rod to create a natural-looking window dressing.

Create a swag by draping a bed sheet over a curtain rod as a kitchen window dressing. Use a sheet in a solid colour or print depending on your taste and decor. Use a decorative curtain rod to add a design element.

Valance Methods

For a vintage look, string a border of lace across your kitchen windows. Let the lace borders swag near the top portion of the windows, similar to a valance, while letting in natural light.

You can create a valance using a tablecloth by folding the tablecloth on the diagonal, then hanging the large triangle over a cafe rod. Use double-sided tape to keep the tablecloth in place on the rod.

Hang colourful plates on the wall across the top of your kitchen window. The plates work like a window valance. You can mount plates in different shapes and sizes but keep the colours the same. The window does not need any other window treatment.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are hung on a cafe rod across the midpoint of your kitchen window. The curtains provide a degree of privacy, and still offer natural lighting through the exposed top portion of the window. Make cafe curtains with kitchen hand towels. Sew vertical button holes across the top of each kitchen towel, then run a ribbon through each button hole and tie the ribbons on the cafe rods. Another option is to add rings through the button holes and slip the rings across the cafe rod.

Quick Window Dressings

Dress up the window dressing you already have. For a new look, tie your current kitchen curtains back with ribbons or scarves in a contrasting colour.

You may have a kitchen window that does not need a window dressing. The outdoor view may already make your window a focal point. Complete the look by adding something like a plant on the window sill.

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