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Updated April 17, 2017

The Zylom gaming website features dozens of in-browser and downloadable games. Downloadable games feature a 30- to 60-minute free trial period, but ultimately players must pay for the games. Fortunately, Zylom offers many online games at no charge. As of August 2010, the five most popular games on Zylom are "Gardenscapes," "Bookworm," "Mahjongg Fortuna," "My Kingdom for the Princess" and "Dynomite."


Set in the backyard of a mansion, the object of "Gardenscapes" is to cultivate your own personalised garden. Finding hidden garden items inside the mansion is half the fun of this game. You can choose your own accessories from a large list of garden items already available for players. Throughout the game, Austin the butler will assist you in your gardening ventures.


In "Bookworm," players must compose words from an constantly changing set of letter tiles. To create words, connect a line of letters that both touch and form a word. Each word must contain a minimum of three letters. Players must work fast to create as many words as possible to "feed" the bookworm.

Mahjongg Fortuna

Much like other Mahjong solitaire games, "Mahjongg Fortuna" requires players to match tiles to clear a game board. Players must locate and match up pairs of "free" tiles. A free tile has no other tiles on top of it, and has at least one free side. This timed game features elements of both strategy and luck.

My Kingdom for a Princess

The storyline of "My Kingdom for a Princess" follows Arthur's mission to rebuild destroyed cities. Arthur must help Princess Helen on her journey to rush to the side of her father, the ailing King Olgert. Players must use expertly manage time and battle dragons to participate in this online game.


"Dynomite" is a fast-paced colour-matching game. Players must crack away at a massive wall of dinosaur eggs. Armed with a slingshot, players aim for matching eggs in sets of three and up. The object of the game is to repeat this process until the wall is completely diminished.

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