Fire truck games for kids to play

Written by krystal miller
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Fire truck games for kids to play
Many children are fascinated by fire trucks. (fire truck image by AGITA LEIMANE from

Young kids usually look when a fire truck comes racing down the street, so it may not come as any surprise when your child wants to have a fire truck party. Fire trucks symbolise heroism and adventure to most children. Create games children can play with fire trucks to make your child's party memorable.

Pass the Fire Truck

Kids love the classic game hot potato, so let them play pass the fire truck just the same. All children must sit in a circle, with one child holding a plastic toy fire truck. Play some music and have the children pass the fire truck around the circle. When the music stops, the child holding the fire truck is out of the game. Keep playing until only one player remains. That player wins the game and the toy fire truck.

Fire Truck Relay Race

You will need several toy fire trucks that are large enough for the children to push around. Create two identical obstacle courses on plywood or on concrete. Place objects like cones, chairs and other objects children can push the fire truck around. Divide the players into two teams and give each team a toy fire truck. When you say, "go," the first player in each line will push the fire trucks around all the objects and then back to the starting line. The next player in each line will do the same thing and continue until all players have pushed the fire truck through the course. The first team to get all its players through the obstacle course wins the game.

Build a Fire Truck

Allow the children to build their own fire truck to take home and award prizes for the best, silliest, funniest and scariest fire trucks. Let the children sit around a table and give the children cardboard boxes, stickers, markers, paint and any other fire truck accessories you can find at a craft store to create their fire trucks. Help the children cut their boxes if they need it.

Pin the Number on the Fire Truck

Draw a large fire truck on a piece of paper and outline a square on the door where the numbers go. Write down a different set of number for each player and put that child's name on the numbers. Blindfold each child and spin him three times. Let the child try to put the numbers on the fire truck. The player who puts his numbers the closest to the correct spot on the fire truck wins the game.

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