Tropical Trumpet Flowers & Vines

Updated February 21, 2017

The term trumpet flower can be applied to a number of different plants that produce trumpet-shaped flowers. Many of these plants grow on vines and are native to tropical regions (although many individuals now cultivate them in a variety of different locations and climates). Some of the most popular tropical trumpet flowers and vines include the golden trumpet, pink trumpet, mandevilla, blue sky and stictocardia campanulata.

Golden Trumpet

As a member of the genus allamanda, the golden trumpet (allamanda cathartica) uses woody, branchlike vines to weave itself into trees and shrubs. According to, the plant gets its name from its tubular, trumpetlike flowers, which are a distinctive, deep yellow colour. However, there are also varieties of golden trumpet that cultivators have bred to produce purple flowers.

Pink Trumpet

The pink trumpet (podranea ricasoliana) is a member of the bougainvillea family. It uses thorny vines to grab hold of trees and other objects. As its name implies, the pink trumpet features pink flowers. According to, its vines are known for their sturdiness and feature well-distinguished leaves. For a tropical plant, the pink trumpet is quite resilient in colder climates.


According to, mandevilla is a genus of tropical plant that is well-known for producing fast-growing vines, which twist (or twine) around branches and other objects. According to, some of the most popular species of mandevilla include the yellow sun (mandevilla dipladenia), which features dark leatherlike leaves and produces bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers, and the white delight, which produces white trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow throats or centres.

Blue Sky

According to, the blue sky (thunbergia grandiflora), like the mandevilla, features thick, twining vines. It is well-known for its hanging, sky-blue clusters of trumpetlike flowers and large, bright green leaves. There is another cultivar of thunbergia grandiflora called alba, which cultivators have bred to produce white flowers with yellow throats. They look quite similar to the flowers of the white delight. According to, there is also a cultivar of the plant called stormy sky, which features flowers that are a purplish-blue in colour.

Stictocardia Campanulata

According to, the stictocardia campanulata is native to the tropical regions of Africa. It features thin vines with heart-shaped leaves that are coated in fuzz. The flowers of the stictocardia campanulata are a reddish-orange in colour and have red-and-white striped throats.

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