White Fungus on Pyracantha Coccinea

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Pyracantha Coccinea are extremely hardy evergreen bushes, but may still fall prey to parasites. White, cottony material on the branches and trunk can look like a white fungus. A common affliction for this plant, however, is small insects that have the appearance of a white fungus from a distance.


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Pyracantha Coccinea is a species of Firethorn. This shrub has small white flowers and bright-red berries. It is an evergreen shrub that is very persistent and hardy. It has a medium growth rate that expands into an oval shape with age.

White Fungus

The appearance of white fungus found growing on the branches of a Pyracantha Coccinea may be woolly aphids. Woolly aphids are small insects, about 1/8 inch long, and covered in white, waxy strands. Long-term infection causes branches to die and generally poor growth.


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A contact insecticide will not eradicate the woolly aphids, as it will simply wash over the top. Instead, a systemic insecticide must be used. It is taken up by the plant leaves and delivered to the pest by the sap. Several applications need to be made every few weeks to completely eliminate the woolly aphids.

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